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    • Welcome to CNA Prerp: We are here to help prepare you for the CNA test

      Welcome to CNA Prerp: We are here to help prepare you for the CNA test

    • Take our Free CNA Practice Test Now!

      Take our Free CNA Practice Test Now!

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    CNA PreTest

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    The Truth About the CNA Exam and It’s Requirements

    The truth about the official CNA Exam is that there is no such thing as an official CNA Exam. What most people looking to take the CNA exam don’t understand is that there are actually over 20 different CNA exams out there. Sadly, there is not just one overall exam like the SAT, ACT or GRE.

    Instead it is more like the Bar exam for lawyers. Anytime a lawyer wants to become licensed in that state, he or she must take that state’s bar exam. If that lawyer then moves to another state, he or she will need to take the test again. The same thing goes for CNAs. You could be a CNA for over 20 years, but if you move to another state, you will have to take that state’s exam to become certified to practice as a CNA in that state.

    Each state has different requirements for becoming a CNA. In some cases, certain states don’t even require you to pass an exam to start working as a Nursing Assistant; however, you do need to pass an exam to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you verify your state’s requirements prior to starting your path to become a CNA. Our page called “CNA State Requirements and Tests” can provide you easy access to each states requirements and testing information.

    The NNAAP CNA Exam

    There is a test that does cover almost 50% of the states out there. The National Nurse Aid Assessment Program (NNAAP) CNA Exam was a collaborated exam designed by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN). This test has been adopted by 22 states and other 3 other jurisdictions. Those states include

    Which Testing Standard Should You Use When Practicing

    Because there are over 20 different CNA exams in the United States, there is no possible way we could design Practice Exams for each individual state. However, we probably wouldn’t need too. While each test is administered by a different state, they basically follow the same curriculum and would ask the same general questions. We have been told by many CNAs who have traveled between states that if you have passed one, you should be able to pass them all.

    Therefore, because the NNAAP covers 22 states and is the most widely accepted CNA state sponsored exam, we have chosen to follow the guidance of the NNAAP when we designed our free CNA Practice Exams.

    So, even if your state doesn’t use the NNAAP exam as their testing standard, our practice exams should still be able to help you.

    What You Should Do the Day of your CNA Exam

    If you are reading this, then we hope you have already prepared well enough for the exam. In most cases, preparing or reviewing your notes before the exam will not help you get ready but can instead raise your anxiety and stress levels. So to help mitigate such types of affects and help you to improve your overall state, the following tips have been given so as to help you do better on your official CNA exam.

    1. Get a Good Nights Rest

    The night before the exam, you should already be prepared. There is no reason to worry or fret. So at this point, the best thing you can do is ensure you get a good nights rest. It has been medically proven that those with 8 hours of sleep are more alert and can retain more information than those who have only four hours. With a good nights rest, you should be clear minded and feel good.

    If you have trouble trying to go to sleep, do not take sleeping pills. In most cases, the affect of the pills will ware off after 12-16 hours and can cause grogginess and overall -fatigue. Instead of pills, do something relaxing prior to going to bed. Find something that will help you take your mind off of the exam like reading a fun book, or watching a movie, or going for a walk.

    With a good nights rest, you will feel rejuvenated and prepared for the day. Your mind will be much more clear and and response time will be better.

    2. Eat a Nutritious and Filling Meal

    Make sure to give yourself enough time to eat a well balanced diet. You should avoid foods that could potentially upset your stomach and any foods that may cause you to use the bathroom like spicy or greasy foods.

    Try to avoid coffee at all costs. While caffeine may make you feel as though you have energy and are ready, it will have two very negative side affects. Once the caffeine starts to ware off, you will have a complete downer feeling that will affect your mind. It will slow your thoughts and you will become tired. Furthermore, caffeine can increase your chances of needing to use the restroom while taking your exam.

    A great alternative source for energy is the banana. It will not only give you energy but also help to revitalize your body’s electrolytes and has been proven to increase brain activity. That is why it is affectionately known as the “Brain Food”.

    3. Choose Your Seat Wisely

    When you go into take the exam, make sure you choose your seat wisely (if you have a choice). Try to select a seat that is away from any noise making contraptions and away from the widow. These areas can be distracting and cause you to lose focus.

    4. Arrive Early

    Nothing can cause more stress than trying to get to the test on time because you were late. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that you get up early enough so as to have time to cook your nutritious breakfast, and get there in enough time to find your seat and begin the test.

    Also, in some cases, if you get there early enough, you can chose your seat and use the recommendations listed above.

    This can all help you get relaxed and acclimated to the new environment before you are even given the test. So take you time, get there

    Get the Best of Your CNA Exam

    You and your brain is the best resource for this exam so treat it right. Get enough sleep to feel rejuvenated and be able to get up early enough to get to your exam. Save enough time for a great meal that will give you energy and satisfy your stomach for the entire duration of the exam. And finally, choose you seat wisely because it can have an affect on your attention span and your concentration.

    But most importantly, feel at ease. We are sure that if you took our practice exams and scored well, you should have nothing to fear. Just help your body adjust and prepare for the exam and you should be fine.

    How to Best Utilize our CNA Practice Tests

    How to Take a CNA Prep Practice Exam

    A CNA Practice Test is supposed to help you gain a better understanding of the official CNA exam through experience and guidance, however, if it isn’t taken properly, you could only be receiving half of the benefits. To best utilize our exams, it is important to understand their layout, why they have been designed the way they are, and how to get more out of the practice exam than a result.

    Our Exam Layout

    Our CNA Practice Tests were formulated based of the guidance of the NNAAP CNA Exam layout. It includes 50 questions that range between the following 9 categories:

    • Basic Nursing Skills
    • Activities of Daily Living
    • Member of the Health Care Team
    • Client Rights
    • Emotional and Mental
    • Restorative Skills
    • Communications
    • Spiritual and Cultural
    • Legal and Ethical

    Each question within the exam has been categorized into each of these areas. The formulation of these categories was developed by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing and serves as a great means in which to group every facet of the CNA’s expected knowledge.

    Why Categorize the CNA Practice Test

    The CNA Exam was created to verify a candidate’s level of knowledge in all areas covered in the CNA course. The successful completion of the exam therefore stand as proof to the state that you are qualified and should be certified to take on the responsibilities of a CNA.
    It therefore stands to reason that every CNA needs to acquire a complete understanding of all facets in the CNA’s area of responsibility to include basic knowledge, communications, ethics, legal and more.

    To help you gauge your level of comprehensiveness, we have included the categories used by the NNAAP. If you take the test but pay no attention to the score of your individual categories, you could still score high in the written portion but set yourself up for failure when you take the practical portion of the exam.

    How to Get More Out of the Practice Exam

      • While the CNA Written Exam does not require you to score well in all categories, your comprehensive knowledge of all facets will play a pivotal part in the practical portion of the CNA Exam. After you have completed the practice test, we recommend you mark down what type of questions you got wrong. If you find that you did poorly on a certain section, then we recommend that you spend more time on that section and prepare for the material prior to taking the actual test.
      • When you decide to take the CNA Practice Test, make sure you set aside an appropriate amount of time. The Practice Test consists of 50 questions. If it takes you, on average, one minute per question, then you should expect about 50 minutes to complete the whole exam. Remember, the practice test will serve as a means to gauge your overall preparedness and shouldn’t be taken lightly.
      • When you do take the Practice Test, bring a sheet of paper and a pencil. At the end of the exam, write down the categories you did poorly in and take notes on those questions you got wrong.


    The CNA Exam can be challenging, however, if you take an adequate amount of time and take it seriously, you should be fine. Our Practice Test and Pretest were designed to help, however, if you quickly rush through them, you will only lose out of opportunities to improve.

    What is the Difference between a CNA Practice Test and a CNA PreTest

    CNA Training ProgramsWhile searching for a means to take a CNA Practice test, you may have come across something that is called a Pretest. So is there a difference between a Pretest and Practice Test. In most cases, they are the same but not here at the CNA Prep. According to our use of the two phrases, they are very much alike, however, very different. Both the CNA Practice Tests and CNA Pretests were designed to help you practice for the official CNA exam, however, they are meant to be taken at different times during your preparations for the official exam. So read on to find out how you can best utilize these two different types of resources to best help you get ready for the official CNA exam and when you should try each.

    The CNA Pretest

    Our CNA Pretest was designed to give you a starting point for your preparations towards taking the CNA exam. Our 20 question Pretests are based off of questions that you will probably see on a CNA exam, however, at this point, you should focus more on what area you need to spend time studying.
    Like we do with all of our tests, the Pretest questions have been broken down into 9 basic categories. After you have taken the Pretest, we recommend that you look at each respective category and figure out which categories you did well on and which categories you did poorly on. Based on this information, you should then develop a study plan that will allocate more time towards your weak areas as you prepare for the CNA examination.

    The CNA Practice Test

    Our CNA Practice Tests, however, were developed as a means to for you to gauge your current CNA knowledge level. If you find that you did poorly on our CNA Practice Tests, then you should probably study some more before deciding to take the CNA Test. However, if you scored well, then it is probably a good indication that you are prepared. We do not guarantee that our Practice Tests are a perfect resemblance of the CNA exam, however, because of our vast knowledge and experience as both MACE and NNAAP test providers, previous CNA class teachers and past CNAs, we have a very good idea of what you should expect when you take the official CNA Exam.


    So as you can see, the Pretest is a good starting point for your studies and the Practice Test should be a good indicator as to whether or not you are prepared to take the Exam. So make sure you start with our Pretests, study and then evaluate your status with our Practice Tests.
    By taking a method like the one described above, you will be light-years ahead of your peers, competitors and future CNA coworkers.

    What Makes a Good CNA Practice Test

    To become a Certified Nursing Assistant, you must first complete an accredited CNA course and the pass the CNA test.  This test can be very hard and present a challenge.  Therefore the best way to prepare for the CNA exam is by taking a CNA practice test. 

    You can find CNA practice tests online, however most of these will not help you as much as you would like.  Many of these free online CNA practice tests are poorly put together and are not a good representation of what the CNA test will be like. In many cases, the free CNA practice test will not cover all necessary areas and can lead you to believe you are prepared for the exam.  

    The Power of a CNA Study Guide

    Instead of using a free online CNA Practice Test, you can also buy a CNA study guide.  CNA Study Guides usually include one or two practice tests and can provide test secrets and tips.  Furthermore, they are generally well developed and written by professionals. 

    If you do buy a CNA Study Guide or you decide to use a free CNA practice test online, make sure that the author or creator of the test is a certified nursing assistant.  Usually, you will be safe with a study guide, but with a website it might be hard to tell.  

    Is the Source Legitimate?

    One way you can figure out if a website was made by someone who knows what they are talking about, is to see if they have a page about the author.  Most websites will want to talk about their background and experience, if it will help to establish authority.  However, if you can’t find a page about the author, then this doesn’t necessarily mean the person doesn’t know what they are talking about. 

    Another good indication as to whether or not it is a good CNA practice test is if the answer key has an explanation.  On the CNA test, you will find multiple choice questions that will all be close to the answer.  You need to choose the best option and sometimes this will be difficult.  Therefore, taking an exam that explains the answers will help you get used to these types of questions and will help you figure out why one option is better than another.

    So Now What?

    So, if you need to take a CNA test, the best way you can prepare for the exam is by taking a practice test.  This test will show you where you are strong and where you are weak.  It will help to guide your studies and will give you the experience and confidence that you need to pass the CNA exam.

    With so much importance on the CNA exam and your career, it is best that you take the test seriously.  Investing a couple of dollars so as to get your hands on a professional study guide is your best bet.  But, if you do not want to spend money and instead want to take your chances with free CNA practice tests, then remember the recommendations of this article and apply them. 

    The Best CNA Practice Tests

    The best form of preparation is practice and with enough CNA practice tests, you should have all the experience you need to pass the CNA with flying colors. But the problem is, where are all the practice tests and how can you access them.When it comes to practice tests, there are two kinds: professional and free. The professional versions are usually vetted by a certified CNA or group of CNAs and typically ensure to have the right combination of the different types of questions so as to cover all areas of the exam.

    The free versions that you can find online, typically don’t have this level of authenticity and in some cases are outdated. But the good news is that they are free.

    So, to help you in finding all the options out there, we have created a list of both professional and free CNA Practice Tests. This way, you will have access to all the resources out there, both on our website and on others, and can give yourself the best opportunity to excel.

    CNA Exam Cram

    CNA Exam Cram ~ $11.50

    The CNA Exam Cram study guide has two practice exams with 50 questions each. It also has an initial assessment quiz that can help you to determine you areas of weakness that need more studying. This set of CNA Practice Exams is the best out there. They not only cover all material, but also have detailed explanations for each answer and therefore provide superior feedback that will surely help you in the preparations.


    CNA Exam Cram

    CNA Study Guide and Test Practice ~ $9.99

    The CNA Study Guide and Test Practice having four practice exams of 50 questions each. While it over 200 questions inside this book, to include examples, it does not provide explanations within the answer key. It is a very good source of information and for the price, gives you a well-diversified assortment of questions that cover every aspect of the exam.


    CNA Exam Cram

    Pass the CNA Exam Guaranteed! ~ $4.50

    The Pass the CNA Exam Guaranteed is a very short study guide and only consists of 1 practice exam of 50 questions. It does not provide any reasons for the answer and doesn’t appear to cover all possible types of questions on the exam. Still useful, but your money would be better spent on others.


    CNA Exam Cram

    The Free CNA Practice Test ~ Free

    The Free CNA Practice Test, provided by this very website, is one of the most comprehensive, free online Practice Tests that you will find. Put together by our team of practitioners and RN’s, we developed a test that is completely inline with the CNA, covering all areas and most importantly, provides you with explanations and rationale as to why a certain answer was correct. Enjoy and access the CNA Practice Test here.

    CNA Exam Cram

    NNAAP Official Practice Exam ~ Free

    NNAAP Official Practice Exam was created for the sole purpose of giving those who are taking the CNA Exam in the 25 states that are accredited by the NNAAP, the ability to see example questions. This practice test consists of 60 multiple choice questions. While it doesn’t give explanations for the answer, it does break each question into specific categories. This can help you by showing you if you have a specific weak area. If you find that your score is much lower in a specific area, then make sure to study harder on that particular section. You can access the Practice test here



    There are some other free CNA practice exams online, however we at the Free CNA Practice Test have vetted these examples and have either found them to be direct copies of the ones above, our consist of many mistakes that can hinder your ability to learn. Therefore, if you pursue these other tests, then we recommend you take their information and results with a grain of salt.

    As you can see, you have many different options available so as to get an adequate amount of practice before taking the CNA Exam. You can either spend a little money and get some real professionally made practice tests that include a study guide or just try free versions that are on the internet. Your best bet is to do them all. With each option you will find new information and new ways to ensure your success.

    So we wish you luck and hope you find all our information useful in your endeavor to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.


    The Best CNA Study Guides

    The key to success in the CNA examination, is preparation. This test is extremely difficult and covers a multitude of subjects, however if approached in the right manner, you should have no problem overcoming the rigors of the exam.

    While our site, www.FreeCNAPracticeTest.org is geared towards helping you prepare, there is nothing better than the condensed, articulated structure of a professional CNA Study Guide.

    While you may be well versed in the CNA terminology and have an adequate knowledge base for the written portion and the critical skills portion, you will still need an effective game plan and a means in which to measure your capability in taking the test.

    This is where Study Guides can become an important tool necessary for your success. Coming from the minds of professionals, and those who have taken the test before, you are allowed access to approaches and recommendations that have been compiled by top personnel in the field.

    Furthermore, at the end of most study guides, you will have access to practice tests that will not only allow you to gage your current level, but will also help you to gain confidence by giving you vital experience. It may not seem like much, but after having taken 4-6 practice exams, you won’t be as nervous when you step into the testing center.

    Yet, when choosing such an important tool, you will find that there are lots of options. You could just buy them all and gain as much experience as possible, however, we at the Free CNA Practice Test have done the research for you and found the best CNA Study Guides on the market.

    Each one on our list was hand picked, tested and reviewed by multiple practitioners and found to be adequate towards your studies. But to give a clear indication of which is the best for the money, we have ranked each study guide. Please check out our recommendations and let us know what you think.

    CNA Exam Cram

    CNA Exam Cram ~ $11.50

    The CNA Exam Cram is by far the best CNA Study Guide of them all. It is packed with pertinent data, extremely useful tips and two extensive CNA practice tests. While other study guides may have more practice tests, this one is the only one that has an in-depth explanation of each answer. Not only giving you the reason why one of the options is correct, but also why the others were not.

    Coming in at over 200 pages, this Study Guide is a study guide that also reads like a textbook. In some cases it provides too much information and at times you may find yourself skipping sections. If you have already taken CNA courses or read some of the more extensive ****textbooks**** on the market, then most of the information in this study guide will be review.

    Either way, this is the best CNA study guide for the price and will not leave you wanting more.


    CNA Exam Cram

    The CNA Study Guide and Test Practice is not as long as the CNA Exam Cram, however it is more like a study guide than a text book. It isn’t as long winded as the CNA Exam Cram however it does make a lot of lists. This would be good and more efficient, if only the author had formatted their ebook a little better. In some cases the lists are a little messed up looking and can be a little bit of a headache.

    But the best part of the CNA Study Guide and Practice Tests is that it has 4 practice tests, 300 flash cards (although a little hard to use in the ebook version), and 16 lesson reviews.

    While the 4 practice tests of 50 questions each is nice, we would have liked to have seen an explanation as to why the answers were what they were. Instead you are just given an answer and no explanation.

    Still, overall this is a great study guide. It offers lots of great tips and provides 4 practice tests in the end. With that many practice tests, you will surely have the necessary experience before you take the Exam.


    CNA Exam Cram

    The Pass the CNA Exam Guaranteed is not a study guide, so do not buy this if you are looking for recommendations or tips. It does have two pages that talk about generic test taking tips but doesn’t offer anything else. This book is just a 50 question practice test. It offers nothing else. We only included it because if you are looking for more practice test opportunities, this offers a pretty good practice test but does not have explanations to the answer.


    Our overall recommendation is to purchase both the CNA Exam Cram and the CNA Study Guide and Practice Tests together. That way you will have access to 6 practice exams and will have the industries best in tips and secrets towards the CNA Exam.

    The Top Characteristics of a Highly Effective CNA

    The clear cut attributes to a Great CNA

    From our friends at CNAClasses-online.net

    Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant can be extremely rewarding, however, because of the responsibilities and diversity of the job, it can be quite challenging too. It’s not enough that you are qualified, but must take on the role of a care provider. Someone who puts others before them and does what it takes to provide the best of care to their residents and patients.

    After years of experience in the field, it has been found that certain characteristics help to improve the overall job of a CNA. Through these traits and characteristic, a CNA can rise and improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

      • Dependability: In a job where people’s lives are at stake, it is extremely important to be dependable and someone that your residents can trust, no matter the situation. Through dependability you can build trust and trust can go a long way in improving the lives of your residents and in making your job easier.


      • Flexibility: The CNA job can hit high’s and low’s in work levels. You will have your daily routine but sometimes emergencies arise and you are needed immediately. The ability to be flexible and ready for any challenge will really help you perform your duties.


      • Respectfulness: Remember that in most cases, your patients or residents have lived a long life and in some cases accomplished a lot in their time. The use of respect can be a very powerful tool in working with your residents and helping them to gain trust


      • Kind Demeanor: Like it is with giving respect, a smile and a kind demeanor, can help to build trust with your residents and also help to keep your residents calm and help to improve their overall mood. A gentle touch and soft manner will help them to stay calm and help to relax them.


      • Proactive Attitude: In most cases, an opportunity to help your residents might not be evident or perhaps not fall within your area of responsibility. However, having a proactive attitude and acting upon situations without being told, will truly give you an edge and help your residents experience a safe and comfortable environment.


      • Knowledgeable: Knowledge and adherence to the rules can not only save your job, but also the lives of your patients. Understanding what to do and when you can do it, is critical for you to succeed as a CNA. But your level of knowledge doesn’t just stop at the level of a CNA. Your continued push to learn more and improve your overall knowledge, can really help your organization and your future prospects. Therefore, never stop learning no matter how long you have been a CNA.


      • Team Player: The medical world has multiple roles and responsibilities which is why it is imperative that you have a team spirit within. As a CNA you will have to work with the likes of Doctors, RNs, UAPs, LPNs, volunteers and more. To effectively and efficient succeed in the tasks at hand, you will have to ensure you adequate follow and lead when the time is right. Confusion or team failures can cause serious injury or death to your patients.


    There are many different types of personality traits out there, however, over the years, the above list has shown to truly separate the best CNAs from the rest. Try to replicate these attributes and you may find your effectiveness as a care provider improve.

    CNA Duties and Responsibilities

    CNA is a friend to the patient

    CNA is a friend to the patient

    The term Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) can be used to describe a multitude of positions or responsibilities within the nursing community. It can include work within a Hospital, clinic, physician’s office, client’s personal home, or a nursing home. In some cases it’s even called other names like patient care assistant or certified nursing technician. However, regardless of the settings or title, a CNA is responsible for providing assistance and direct personal care to a patient or resident.

    For the purposes of this article, the person in need of care will be referred to as the patient,

    What Are the Roles and Responsibilities of a CNA?

    While the day-to-day tasks of a CNA can vary from one facility to the next, there are some activities that stay constant and require some discussion in order to adequately answer what the roles and responsibilities of a CNA really is.

        • Overall Resident Observation and Monitoring: Continual measuring and monitoring a residents vitals to include respiration, temperature, meal consumption level, height, weight, etc. This can also include the collection of lab specimens or the assistance in the collection.
        • Control of Infection: In most cases, infection occurs from a lack or cleanliness or sterilization of tools or the patient themselves. Therefore it is important as a CNA to adhere to the facilities guidelines and maintain a clean atmosphere at all times.
        • Activities of Daily Living (ADLs): This is the overall daily care of your patients or residents by providing baths, grooming, clothing, eating, assistance with bathroom use, and exercise.
        • Providing Quality of Life: This may be a very vague term, however if you really look at the responsibilities of a CNA, there are small things that one can do to improve the living conditions of those under their care. By providing a good environment, basic hospitality and respect, you can quickly improve the overall conditions of your residents.
        • Assisting with Movement and Transportation:There will be many times when your resident will need assistance in moving or being carried to a new destination. This could be as simple as the changing of a position or transportation to another room.


    Again these are not all encompassing, however they are a basic top-down look at the roles of a CNA. However, if followed, you will not only improve the overall life of your residents, you will also see a fuller fulfillment in your job.

    What is a CNA

    Certified Nursing Assistant emblem

    Certified Nursing Assistant emblem

    What is a CNA

    A Certified Nursing Assistant, or also known as a Patient Care Assistant or Certified Nursing Technician, works under the direct supervision of a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or a Registered Nurse (RN).  CNAs help patients or residents with proper daily living such as grooming, eating and bathing.  They also collect vitals, assist in exercise, and make reports to the nurses. In a way, you could say that the CNA is the eyes and ears of the RNs and LPNs.

    How to Become a CNA

    To become a CNA, you must have completed a training program offered by an accredited college, Red Cross or an online school.  Finally, once you have completed the training, you will need to take a CNA test in order to be CNA registry.  Although the CNA exam is quite extensive, this website has been created to assist you in the process, free of charge.

    What Makes Being a CNA Special

    Having a direct connection with the patient or resident, the CNA becomes a vital part in the overall care and protection of the patient and their family.  Because of this, the CNA must be attentive, caring and have great people skills.

    The overall role of a CNA can be different because a certified nursing assistant can work in a multitude of settings; to include hospitals, personal homes, nursing homes, and other assisted living facilities.

    Why Become a CNA

    Because of the amount of settings that a CNA can work in and the continual increase in Americans needing assisted living, the need for more CNAs is growing every year.  With increased salaries and the relatively new existence of the job, you can quickly enter a rewarding career that will pay well and have an incredible amount of job security.

    While being a CNA can be challenging, it can also become very rewarding.  Before starting you quest to help others, you first must make sure you are ready for the journey.  Certification can be done in as little as three months, however a true CNA will continually make efforts to improve upon their skills.  The ability of a CNA can have a direct influence on the lives of their patients and their families.

    So Let’s Begin

    So if you choose to become a CNA, we will help you along the way, not just in the certification but also in your continued efforts to excel in this field.  But until you become a certified nursing assist, make sure to follow our guidelines and recommendations and you will be well on your way to accomplishing you goals in becoming a CNA that changes lives and brings joy to their patients.